Indentations and line length gone screwy

Working on a new MacBook computer and having some problems. Some paragraphs randomly start without indentation. Also, some lines go screwy, ending short, and I can’t fix once its typed. Any idea what’s up and what I can do?

We really need more info. What machine were you using before you changed to this one, running what version of the OS and what version of Scrivener?

That said, the first thing to do is turn on invisibles: View → Text Editing → Show Invisibles.

Have the paragraphs with indents got a leading tab and the others not? Are there returns or line-feeds at the end of the short lines, or is there a random Tab (for instance following “little” before “TV”)?

If you still get no joy, I’d try Edit → Text Tidying → Zap Gremlins.

And post again to let us know so we can try to help further.



In addition to what Mark suggested, you can also try converting paragraphs to your default format (Format menu). Try this on a duplicate of one of your trouble docs and see what happens.

(If your material was copy and pasted from webpages, what you are seeing is not altogether surprising.)

Thanks to both of you. I’m going to do all the suggestions. I"ll be working on it a lot tomorrow so I should see if its fixed. I’ll write again.

No results from the above.

My info: Was on 2015 MacBook, HS; now on 2021 14-in MacBook, Monetey 12. Scrivener is 3.2.3. Here are screenshots of the problem is Invisibles turned on. I think I see the errors but to how to change them properly.

Use paragraph indentation, not tabs and multiple spaces, and things will be a lot clearer. Highlight paragraphs and go to Format/Paragraph/Tabs and indents.

Ok. Show invisibles reveals all if you look closely. Apart from the tabs, look at the spaces between"on the little" and between “TV in the corner of one canopy”.

Those are “no-break spaces” so the strings of words are treated as single words, and therefore the latter is too long to sit on the same line, so has wrapped to the next.

In fact, there are more in these short paragraphs, so I would bet that your whole text is peppered with them. Only you can know how they got there, but I find that texts imported from Word and from the web often have them.

Highlight one of those spaces, go into Scrivenings view of your whole Draft/Manuscript, Cmd-F, paste it into the Find field, type an ordinary space into the Replace field and click “Replace All”. Mind you, for safety’s sake, I’d do it on a copy of the whole project or “Backup Now As…” with a different name first.



PS It seems I forgot to say “copy it” before switching to Scrivenings mode! (non-existent emoji for giving oneself a smack on the head!!!)