Indented Paragraphs Revisited

I have perhaps five paragraphs in my project with I would like to indent as block quotes. All the other paragraphs are justified with no indent for the first line.

I would like to avoid having to find those five paragraphs in the epub output and individually modify them. Is there any way to do that?

For example, is there any way to set things up so that I could simply modify the style for those paragraphs in the ePub style sheet?? Or set some meta data for those paragraphs so I can search for them?

Note that if I set the indent for one of those paragraphs to .2 inch (and the first line to .2 inch), only the first line of the paragraph is indented. This is true whether I compile “As is” or not.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



The Qt HTML output doesn’t support block quotes at the moment, so you’ll need to edit the CSS after compile. This post explains doing that in Sigil, a free epub editor. Once you have the modified .epub file, you can use Amazon Previewer (or KindleGen directly via the command line, if you’re comfortable with that) to create a .mobi version if you need one.

Thanks, that will do it.