Indented Quotations

Hi all,

I’ve been wondering how to mark paragraphs I want to show up as indented quotations in Scrivener. I know that Scrivener does not intend to be a full word processor.
Specifically: I’ll be exporting to Mellel, and I wonder how one goes about marking some text to be formatted by Mellel as indented text. Has anyone stumbled across a simple way of doing this?


Mellel has a feature called “Replace Styles” that should do exactly what you want. Just create a style for block quotes in Scrivener’s ruler (CMD-R) and use it throughout your document. Make sure that you preserve the formatting so that the style won’t get lost when you export your text to RTF. It can be a bit tricky to identify a particular paragraph style in an imported document in Mellel, but it should work.

I believe you have set me on the right track. Thanks.