Indenting entire paragraph

How do I indent an entire paragraph to the right and not just the first line? I’m sure this is probably easy but I am stumped. Editing text that I typed on my tablet.

Edit: Found a way via ruler but is there a way to do it in the menus. Having to use the ruler to change stuff like this is not very good for people who have dexterity/mobility issues like myself.

Edit 2: You can do this via menu by Format > Text > Spacing You can find the indents options there. To move entire paragraph right you need to change BOTH First line and Left Indent Options.

Sounds like you got it, and of course all of that saves into a preset if you need it frequently.

You can use the Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+T shortcuts to move the left and first-line indents in by half an inch (add Shift to move them out).

Thanks Ioa and MM. I appreciate your replies.