Indenting first line - fix on Mac or iOS?

Hello all,

Simple(?) question:

Imported a style setting from my current project on my Mac to iOS, and as expected, typing on the iPad sees the appropriate font etc. being used.
Thing is, it’s indenting the first sentence. That’s not happening in the Mac.

Where do I fix this? Do I fix this?
Must I re-import the style file again? Or do I change something on the iPad?
Had a look at the manual and threads here about the settings in the Compile section, but that presumably influences things on, um, compile, and not what is actively happening in the Editor?

Any suggestions?

Still cannot get this fixed.

Exported a 2nd Formatting file, from a different chapter (with same Formatting) to Dropbox.
In Dropbox on the iPad, tapped the “export” button, then the “Open in” button, then the “Copy to Scrivener” button.
Over in Scrivener, a message popped up confirming the Default Formatting was now replaced.

Thing is, creating a new document section, sees different font being used (Palatino?), and my paragraphs are still indenting.

Any suggestions on what I am missing?

Hi, Cassady.

I’m a little confused. I can’t quite tell from your posts whether you’re trying to change the default formatting for new documents in your iOS project, or trying to move a named preset from Mac to iOS. No matter – I’ll describe how to do both, and you can pick whichever suits your needs. :slight_smile:

If you are trying to change the default formatting for all files, just as on the Mac side, that only applies to new documents. To change the iOS default formatting, either find or set up a paragraph the way you want it on iOS. To change indents in particular, tap the Paintbrush, tap Indents, and adjust indents to your liking.

Now that you have the default formatting you want, select the paragraph that has it, tap the Paintbrush, tap Formatting Options, and tap Set Default formatting. Now all your new documents will be formatted exactly that way. To apply it to an existing document, just as on the Mac, you must select the text, then tap the paintbrush, tap Style, tap Formatting Options, and finally tap Use Default formatting.

If you are trying to import a named preset, first, on the Mac side you must set up your formatting just as you want it (I see you’ve already got that done :slight_smile: ). Then select some text with that format, then select menu item Format>Formatting>New Preset From Selection, and give your preset a name (such as “No Indents”). Finally, select the menu item Format>Formatting>Export Presets for iOS… and save your presets.plist file to your Dropbox sync folder.

On the iOS side, sync with Dropbox (no need to import the presets.plist nor use the iOS Dropbox App). Then select whatever text you want to format, tap the paintbrush, tap Styles, and tap No Indents in the styles list. Repeat as needed :slight_smile: .

Nope - I’m clearly the confused one! :smiley:

Thanks a bunch for the reply.
You’ve not only helped me with what I was trying to do, but also threw in some observations about things I never knew I was doing wrong!

It’s as clear as day now. Would’ve taken me some time to realise where I was missing things.