Indenting Paragraphs

What I’m working on I brought in from MS Word. I am having a problem changing my paragraph indent from one half inch to one quarter inch. I set this change under Options, Editor. I tried using the Documents, Convert, Formatting to Default Text Style to change my paragraph indents and it doesn’t work right. Can someone help me? Thank you.

Did you use the TAB key to indent your paragraphs in Word? If so, that can lead to difficulties down the line (tabs are characters, and can mess up ebook compilations and other formats as well).

If that’s what you did to indent, then you should go back to Word and do a search and replace on tab characters, replacing them with nothing, then re-import that document to your Scrivener project (there’s no easy way to do this in Scrivener for Windows, I don’t think).

Thank you. I will remember this one. I did use the TAB button. Now I have to work with all the rewritten stuff that I’ve done with Scrivener. Thanks again.


For those documents you have altered or created in Scrivener, the fastest way to delete the tabs which lead each paragraph by hand is to load a bunch of documents into “Scrivenings Mode”. Then position the cursor to the left of the (invisible) tab character in the first document’s first paragraph. Hit Delete. Hold down CTRL and press the down-arrow, then the Delete key, over and over, until you want to stop or are done. You don’t have to let up on the CTRL key at all during this process, so you just have to alternate down-arrow and Delete a bunch.

The other option is to use File->Export, load the exported files into a word processor, do the search-and-replace, and then copy the text and paste it over the original document’s text within Scrivener. This will lose track of some things though, if you are using annoations, comments, footnotes, and maybe a handful of other features. Best to experiment with this first, or make copious use of snapshots in Scrivener to safe-guard your documents before doing anything drastic with each of them.