Indenting Text

Is there an easier way to indent text than going through all these menu steps:

Format >Text >Tabs and Indents >Increade/Decrease Indents > Increase (or Decrease) ??

When I get to the final step, I see that there is a set of keyboard short cuts that looks like the attached screen shot, which I gather is “shift+option+command+left/right” arrow. Or is it “shift+control+command+arrow” ? I can never remember what that key symbol in the middle is supposed to be.

But that doesn’t matter because neither the “control” nor the “option” key variation produces any results. Neither combination produces any indenting, only that “bonk” sound from the computer.

I do a lot of indenting in my work… I miss the simple “command+] or [” that manages indentations in my Pages docs. Would that it were that simple in Scrivener.

Can somebody please tell me what the correct key set is, and/or whether there’s some secret (or a bug?) in making the key sets that I’ve trying work?


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.13.22 AM.png

That’s control + option + command + arrow :slight_smile:


I thought the caret-up was the shift key.




The first part of this knowledge base article may be helpful to bookmark, for when you need to figure out what keys correspond to which symbols (it applies to all Mac apps which use keyboard shortcuts): … -shortcuts

You can customize your shortcuts on most Mac applications. Here’s how: … er-for-mac