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I am in trial mode for now and writing an academic article. I have my notes/quotes in the top panel, in split view, and am writing in the bottom. So, I copy/paste a quote from the top to the bottom. How can I easily block quote, or indent, the quotation that I am pasting/inserting into my article? Thank you.

This thread over here might help you out. :slight_smile:

Thank you. That’s helpful.

Now, is there a way to add a keystroke, so that when I’m typing along in Default Style, I can hit a key and move to the Indent Style that I created?

Yes, it is possible. As with all keyboard shortcut modifications, you’ll need to use the OS X system tool. It is in System Preferences, under Keyboard, “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab. Select “Application shortcuts” from the left list, and then click the “+” button. Choose Scrivener as the target application (although you could also choose “All Applications”. Ruler styles are used by the entire computer—any application that uses the OS X ruler will have your styles available to them—and if you set up the keyboard shortcut to all applications, you can use these shortcut in them all—but this is more difficult as you have to choose a shortcut that doesn’t conflict across a broad range of applications. It’s up to you whether you want it available just in Scrivener, or everywhere) and then type in precisely the name of the style you created “Indent Style” if that is what it is, and give it a shortcut.

Once you click Okay on that, go back to Scrivener and check the style menu, you should see your shortcut beside it. There is one catch, for menus to work, they have to be available. That means if the Ruler is invisible (you can toggle it with Cmd-R), then the shortcut will not work. So as long as the Ruler is being used by the split you are typing in, you should be okay.

Thanks very much.

I have found a method that works well and gives me a quick shortcut too.
It is here:

Good luck