I am trying to create a similar kind of indentation that Scrivener automatically creates at the beginning of each folder (chapter). However, in the folder, if I have, say five different text sections, only the first gets ‘unindented’ as Scrivener is smart to know that it’s the first one in the folder. However, starting from the second one, the indentation stops. So at the end of each text, if I have *** to conclude a scene or a POV, I want the next one to be ‘unindented’. How do I achieve that?

Here is the setting that controls that in a compile format. Identify one doc whose first para is not getting flattened. Note its Section Type. Go to Compile. Identify the Section Layout that section type is being assigned to. Open up your Compile format for editing. Then find these indent settings for the Section Layout in question. Set parameter accordingly (“Remove from first paragraph”).

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