Indention Issues

I have completed a 13 Chapter book in Scrivener but for some reasons certain chapters have set indentions set. Every time I started a new paragraph it auto indents. While other chapters do no auto indent. How do I set it so every chapter has the same indention style? I have added images of two different chapters to show the difference.

In those chapters with the indent, when you look at the ruler and the tab stops for those documents, what do you see?

Also, it’s good to remember that it doesn’t really matter what you see in the editor because when you Compile to some output format you can easily override any format you have in the editor while writing.

To change all formatting in the editor, select the topmost level in the Binder, choose scrivenings mode so all text is visible in the editor, Edit Select all, and change indention etc with the ruler.

Thank you this is extremely helpful! I owe you both one.