Indents Lost in Compiling Manuscript to Word


This should be the easiest thing to figure out, but I’ve scoured for info everywhere

When I compile my manuscript to Word, the paragraphs (which are indented in the body of the manuscript in scrivener – not tabs, actual indents) come out all run together, so instead of this:

        "John wasn't happy with what should be a simple automatic thing," she said.
       "Now wait, that's not a fair thing to say," I replied.

What happens is this:

“John wasn’t happy with what should be a simple automatic thing,” she said. “Now wait, that’s not a fair thing to say,” I replied.

This occurs even though the sample layouts view it shows that it should have separate paragraphs, each of which is indented (see attached screenshot).

Thanks in advance for the help

Attached is a screenshot of a page of the compiled Word manuscript that shows the issue.

Do you have “convert MMD” switched on?


I do. I’ve attached a screenshot. I’m also attaching a screenshot of how it looks in the Scrivener editor.

You’ll see that I created a copy of the Manuscript (Times) Format. But this happens with the main, unaltered, Manuscript (Times) as well.

Did I make some kind of global or project change?

Thanks for the help!

Late to reply but unchecking that box worked. Thank you!

That’s good to hear.