Indents Missing from Only 2 Sections

Scrivener 2.6, Mac

I have a manuscript that is almost done and almost formats perfectly. I have two sections in 1 chapter that refuse to indent at all as per indent settings. When I look at the Formats and Indents… for the section I can see that no tabs/indents were set but if I set them ( as it looks in other sections ) nothing happens.

Also, if I start a new section, any new section ignores the indents too. As it is very close, I’m loathed to getting too punchy with compile settings.

Any ideas/pointers?

something else…

If I take the wrongly indented text and paste it into the section that is correctly indented, it keeps the wrong formatting. I’m confused. :smiley:

fixed it. I took the wrongly formatted text into a plain text editor and the pasted it back in. There was something hidden in the text, dunno what!