Indents & tabs in ePub compile

More questions about compiling an ePub for the Nook.

I have a number of sections in my manuscript that are formatted as if from a transcript of a recording, they appear in Scrivener in the form show in this attachement:

ADA JANN.pdf (13.6 KB)

Fist line (for identity of the speaker) - reverse indented to the left margin
Tab (on first line) - Begins the body of the words transcribed
Left margin - this is set at the tab position above, and guides the left edge of the transcribed sentences when they wrap off of the first (left-indented) line onto the second.

I used Format > Formatting > Preserved Formatting to protect these sections from global formatting during compile.

In Compile > Formatting > Options > Preserve Formatting only preserves - I made sure that “Tabs and Indents” and “Alignment” were checked.

On the compiled ePub the tabbed start of the spoken text (first line) never lines up with the wrapped text that begins on the second line (the effective left margin). In Scrivener it looks fine, and compiled to MS Word it looks fine.

Here is how the mangled epub format appears:

ADA JANN (appearance in ePub).pdf (135 KB)

** Incidentally, the Scrivener text is monospaced Courier, the compiled text Times New Roman.

Any thoughts on how to get this to work in an ePub?

Did you try the “As-is” checkbox in the Contents tab when compiling?

Good idea, but it didn’t work. Besides it would be a pain to have to separate out all my Preserve Formatted text just so I could format it this way.

Same result.

Never found the source of this formatting incompatibility.

However, in a very inelegant workaround I did managed to cobble together a set of odd spaces and various seemingly illogical indent measurements that approximated what the document should look like on the Nook.