Indents vary

I mainly work with Scrivener for Windows, but occasionally I use the iOS version, when I’m on the road with my iPad. There seems to be a variation in indent size among the platforms. Last year the help desk confirmed this, as the iOS version uses 0,25 as a default, while Windows uses 0,50 as a default.

I think it has to do with syncing back and forth between Windows and iOS that three texts within my project have kept a smaller indent size. I was told this could be manually corrected within Tools > Options > Editor, but I can’t seem to find a way to adjust the indent size, other than the ruler. But the strange thing is, the indent marker on the ruler is the same for the text files with the wide indents, as for the text files with the narrow indents.

Am I missing something here?

I found a solution. Tools>Options>Editor only applies to NEW documents, just as it states at the top. That’s why it didn’t affect the indents in an existing document.

It turns out it’s a matter of simply going to a text with the correct indents, Format>Text>Copy Ruler, than moving to the text with the wrong indents, Format>Text>Paste Ruler
This will give the indents the intended size.

When you’ve set the indents under Options, use Documents > Convert >Text to Default Format … or whatever the menu item is called.