Independence For Cornwall … first-time
:open_mouth: Does this mean we will have to pay for Scriv updates, in Tin-plated coinage? :confused:

In this day and age should we really be creating more barriers, more divisions and more reasons to point at someone and say “he’s different”?

I say how about we exhibit a little regret at naming a new minority group instead of celebrating it.
I say how about we try to focus on what unites us not divides us.

I say down with this sort of thing.

In the case of the +3, probably. Do you really want us to have open access to everything? Don’t you want os to be labeled “different”? And don’t you truly pray that we are a minority?

I say, people of Cornwall have a right to dissociate themselves from heedless (and perhaps inferior) neighbors. Which of us, honestly, has not at one time or another wished for isolation — from neighbors, from co-workers, from children, from… well, fill in as you like.

However. As regards that Guardian story: on the page with it, when last I looked, were leads to several other articles. Among them

Inside the giant panda research centre
Meryl Streep: ‘I thought I was too ugly to be an actress’
US navy dolphins will not accompany missile destroyer to Black Sea

Just wonderin’


I think that…

Ooops. :blush:

I thought the headline said

Independence for CORNELL.

Not a bad idea, that.

For a minute I thought the headline said

Independence for Cornhole
which is rather popular with beer, sporting events, cookouts and independence day. (4th of july here)

Another viewpoint, this time from an Englishman :slight_smile: … rate-place