Indesign + Scrivener: BFFs

Greetings all!

I’m here with a new way to work with both Scrivener and Indesign: Scrindesign 2. No longer will you need to bounce in and out of HTML and Word to get your Scrivener documents into Indesign in a decent format.

Simply install Scrindesign into Indesign, run the script, and select your options. Scrindesign searches out all the important formatting and cleans up your Indesign file. Now you can easily sync Scrivener compiles to Indesign!

That looks like something that I may be able to get a lot of use out of in the future. Thanks.

Nice. I know just why you made it. I am just finishing the last corrections in InDesign before my 340 page textbook is sent to the printer. I had to do all the conversions from Scrivener to InDesign by hand.


Good luck with that project. I’ve been writing text-only in Scrivener just to avoid the hassle of dealing with importing Word files into ID.

I’ve suggest that InDesign Secrets review it in their podcast. That’s the best way to get ‘all things InDesign’ more widely known.

Any chance of adding a voice-over to those videos? Some of us can’t follow a series of screens without being told what’s happening. I feel like I’ve suddenly gone deaf.

Also, you might consider doing an import engine that can handle Markdown files. Quite a few authors now write in Markdown.

–Michael W. Perry, My Nights with Leukemia: Caring for Children with Cancer

Thanks so much for this! While I am not there yet, this is going to be a lifesaver. YOU ROCK!