Indeterminate display of block style with an linked figure

Hi, this is an edge case (with text paragraphs this doesn’t occur).

I have a line set to “No Style”, then a binder-linked figure on the next line that is also “No Style”; then a newline and text set to a “Caption” style. Note below the Cursor is at the same line position LEFT and RIGHT, and the line content has the same style, but a wrong style is recorded in the style dropdown on the RIGHT.

— [LEFT] If I click the paragraph above [1], then the start of the image line, the Style indicator stays “No Style”

— [RIGHT] if I click the Caption line [1] then the start of the figure line [2] then the Style indicator stays as “Caption” even though that line is still actually “No Style” (if you select the image itself the style indicator switches to “No style”):

The potential problem with this is if the figure line becomes set as a caption (if you type something the caption style then applies itself to the line), then the correct conversion to caption will fail.

Just checked and it applies to embedded figures as well as binder-linked images, and the style panel also shows the wrong style.

This is caused by a patch Scrivener applies to Apple’s code - there’s a bug in Apple’s code whereby if you start typing after an image, the formatting returns to Helvetica 12pt. However, there’s a bug in the patch whereby it’s just using the previous typing attributes, which could come from anywhere - it’s just become more obvious with Styles in Scrivener 3. I have fixed this for the next update.

Thanks and all the best,