Index (and page) Color


I know this has been covered before (i searched first!), but I would like wish again for the ability to color index cards and pages. Here’s why:

Index cards come in colored packs. Colors are great for grouping things like sequences / characters, etc.
Script versions always get printed on different colored paper. It’s a visual cue with a long–and useful history.

Why Labels don’t suffice:
Labels provide some of these benefits (and more from a data / sorting perspective) but they fail visually. They’re too small to see. A big patch of pink cards is super easy to see.

Card colors could add a second tag to the card. The label, for example, could be used for story arc–a useful piece of data to track. Background color could be used for sequences–continuous blocks that would be nice to see on the cork board.

Of course–all of these are just suggestions based on my idiosyncrasies. If it would be easy to implement–go for it I say.


Try the View/Use Label Color In/Index Cards menu option. This binds the card colour to the assigned label of the card—so no added complexity or new meta-data fields to learn, just a different way of expressing the one you have. You might be interested in a few of the other options in that sub-menu, too.