Index card colors modification

I wonder how to modify colors of index card in corkboard in a way you do this on screenshot

Is the background title color of the card relevant to color of the label?
I can set option “Use Label Color in index card” but then all card is of the same color (title little darker), and on the screenshot they look different.

Could you help?


Do you mean the colour chip on the corners of the cards? I think that’s the only colour change in your screenshot. If so…

“Go to View > Corkboard > Show Pins. The result will depend on the look you have chosen for the index cards in the Preferences. If you are using the default, rounded look, then each card that has a label associated with it will now have a colour chip in is top-right corner; if you are using a more traditional index card look, then each index card will now display a pin holding it in place that is the colour of the label associated with the document.”

(Incidentally, that quotation is lifted from the excellent interactive tutorial, which is really well worth working through.)


Thanks. I meant those green background in index card title. And yes, now I see the colors in right corner.

Hi Beyo,

You can set the index card color for all cards (independent of label color, which if you choose to use in index cards will override this) by going to Scrivener>Preferences>Appearance; at the bottom you’ll see options for “Customizable Colors” and you can choose Index Cards>Index Card Background and then set the color there. It will still affect the entire card, as the label color does, with the title area darker if you’re using the default rounded theme for the cards, but that’s how it’s been done in the screenshot. It’s probably just the shade of gray that on your monitor is looking greener in the darker version behind the title.

Yup, that’s exactly what I did to set this screenshot up. The index card base colour has been changed to a subtle green, to offset the cream coloured background that is in use for the corkboard. This is an aesthetic preference, it probably wouldn’t work to well with label tinting, otherwise you might confuse any green-ish labels with standard cards that have no label.

So yes there is a definitely green cast that was intentionally applied, not a monitor fault.

This screenshot also demonstrates custom index card fonts, and what cards look like when ruling is disabled.