Index card content deleted after toggeling automat. synopsis

As not yet very experienced with Scrivener I started filling out index cards myself with synopses of various scenes and chapters. Now I wanted to find out how auto-creation of a synopsis works and toggled the respective button - and whoops, my self-created content of that specific card was gone.

So: is this normal procedure? Can I have self- and auto-created synopses side by side? Can I recover the vanished self-made synopsis?


Hi, and welcome! Using the automatically-generated synopsis will replace any existing synopsis text for that document, so if you want both you’d use the auto-generate first, then edit that. Unfortunately, there’s no way right now to recover the text overwritten with the auto-generated synopsis, other than restoring it from a project backup if you have one containing the original synopsis.

Usually you’ll just want one or the other–the auto-generate is sort of a short-hand way to quickly add content to the synopsis from your document text when you don’t have time or the need to hand-craft it. You can refine the auto-generated synopsis a bit by selecting text in the document first, then clicking the button; the selected text will be used for the synopsis rather than just the first 100-ish characters. You could also select and drag text to the synopsis area rather than using the auto-generate if you want to add document text without replacing the existing synopsis.