Index Card Display Options

Hi Keith - Having searched through the forums, tutorial, FAQ’s, etc., I am aware that the current implementation of the corkboard/index cards is pretty close to set-in-stone - and it is great - but I’m wondering whether or not you have any tweaks or adjustments planned for the impending update?

For instance, I’d love to choose among some Index Card Display Options, such as,

  • Show title + synopsis (i.e the current implementation)
  • Show title + document contents (i.e. first x characters of document)
  • Show title only
  • Show synopsis only
  • Show document contents only

Also, I’m wondering whether or not there might be a feature planned that would allow the bulk auto-generating of synopses. For example, select a bunch of documents in the binder, then choose to auto-generate synopses from the document contents, or even the title (yes, I recognize the redundancy of having the title the same, here, but it would work for me in some instances).

Anyhoo, either way, pool or pond…

Thanks. Edmo.

You can already auto-generate the synopsis for one document at a time using the button in the inspector, but the next update does allow you to auto-generate the synopses for multiple documents too.

As for the other suggestions - no, I’m afraid not. The corkboard has a lot more display options in the next update, but it’s always title + synopsis as that is what the index cards are for (and that is what index cards display in the inspector, too, so anything else could get highly confusing).

All the best,

Maybe this is the thread for me to ask whether KB might consider adding an option that would allow a new document in Scrivener (imported by any method) to automatically gain the title of the first line or paragraph of the document, instead of Clipping + date. Anyone else interested in such a feature?

Er… That would require a thread of its own, as it has nothing to do with index cards… :slight_smile:

Just as well he didn’t ask then, but just proposed to ask.

Thanks for the update, Keith.

Great news about the batch auto-generating synopses.

Keep dominating. Edmo.