Index Card Document Type

When I view my file in Outliner mode, I notice that one of my text files has a document type icon that looks like an index card. The others just have a text document icon. How did I create this, and what does it mean? I can’t seem to replicate it even if I type the same text on a new file.

Sorry for the embarrassing newbie question. Couldn’t find the answer searching the forum, and don’t remember seeing it addressed in the tutorial.


The icons and their meanings are explained in the section entitled “The Binder” in the Help file. Basically, an index card icon means that the document has a synopsis associated with it but no main text.


Thanks for the reply Keith. Prior to my post I did try removing the main text and only doing a synopsis, but it didn’t change the document type. Apparently I left a blank space in the main text. Doh! Took out the space, and it is working as described.

Thanks for the reference to the Binder in the help file. That was the info I was looking for.