Index Card Features and Icon

I noticed that sometimes text icons will show as page icons or index card icons…though I haven’t found any consistency between the two. For example, when I create a new document, it starts out as a page icon, but then when I edit descriptions in Corkboard mode the icon will sometimes turn into an index card…this seems to happen randomly.

Is there a difference between a page and index card aside from the icon?

Also, I am not seeing index card icon in the “change icon” menu. Is there any way to manual change the icon?

This topic is touched upon in the interactive tutorial, and also in the user manual’s Quick Tour (specifically, the explanation starts at the bottom of page 42). You’ve reminded me that I need to reinstate a section in the user manual explaining these in reference format, however!


  • You cannot control these. They are indicators of status, not aesthetic choices.
  • The three main types are a blank page, an index card, and a page with text in it.
    [*] Blank page: the item has no text content or synopsis (index card)
  • Index card: the item has a synopsis, but no text
  • Filled page: the item has text content (and may or may not have a synopsis)
    ] These three variations are repeated for folders, though folders do not use the blank page icon. A folder that just looks like a normal folder has no text or synopsis. If it has a synopsis you’ll see a small index card in the corner. If the folder has text content (remember folders are really just text files in Scrivener) then it will have a little filled page in the corner.[/*:m][/list:u]

You can set icons aesthetically, by the way. Select the item you wish to change, and use the Documents/Change Icon/ sub-menu to make your choice. You can’t choose from the status icons though, as that would obviously make things a bit confusing. The point of these automatic icons is to make it easier for you to see how far along you are in fleshing out an outline.

Ah, great! That makes sense and will actually help me with my work flow!

That’s the idea! :slight_smile: