Index Card Features

I’m new to Scrivener and so far, I love it. As a screenwriter, the index card view of a whole project is so helpful! With color coding and other labels, I can see my entire movie. However, when I want to see the scene associated with a card or write more detailed notes, it could be more intuitive than it is right now. I go back and forth all the time from full structure to a detailed view of one card.

I would love a double-click on a particular card to take me to the scene it’s associated with and/or additional, more detailed, notes. And then a single click to get me back to the full structure. If that option is there, I apologize but working intuitively in this way, from full structure (all the cards) to a single scene and back again with minimum clicks of a mouse would be huge.

I would also like a way to quickly expand a card for more to see more detailed notes (as is done in the Index Card app in the App Store). That would also be very helpful as I shrink my cards to the minimum so I can see my entire film on my 27" iMac screen and on the wall through a projector. Sometimes, I want to expand a card to see more detailed notes on that one card for a moment, then return to the structure quickly.

Going back and forth between a Micro and Macro view of my screenplay is very helpful. The less clicks to do so, the better. That would be amazing!!

If you double-click the tiny document icon in the top left of the card, next to the title, it will open up the document that that card is linked to. Then, you can just click the left arrow above the ruler to take you back to what you were just looking at.

Is this what you’re looking for?

You can also change the ratio of the cards on the corkboard to make them longer using the corkboard options, by clicking on the four cards icon in the right of the footer bar below the corkboard.

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Cmd-4 does the same trick, if you prefer to use the keyboard.