Index Card Fields

Is there a way to add a field that would appear on every index card? For example, if writing a screenplay I might want “+/-” and “><” to appear at the bottom of every card so that I don’t forget to include emotional change and conflict notes on every scene. Thanks.

No, there’s no way of doing this - you’d just have to type this in somewhere…

There is a (slightly) more labour saving workaround which I’ve used: type out one index card with the categories you want (and do the typing in the synopsis box, which will let you insert carriage returns and line breaks); then copy all the text in that synopsis box; then click on the card in the corkboard view, hit cmd-N to make a new card, then paste the blank text into it. repeat as many times as you have the stamina for. Save this as a project. Then when you start a new project, import this project into it before you start and you have a store of blank cards.

Looks like you might have read Save The Cat…? I’m just writing a school play for my wife’s school and I’ve decided to construct the whole thing on Snyder’s 'BS2 approach.

BTW my 17 year old son, who is a keen writer (of the tortured teenager variety), was outraged at Save The Cat’s assumption that everyone wants to write box office hits. He spluttered with venom: “I want to make films that as few people as possible want to go and see!” The joys of life without a mortgage…

Even more worksaving is to simply duplicate the “master card” by hitting cmd-D. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the suggestions. Yes. Just finished “Save the Cat”. I realize it’s not the be all end all, but it’s an interesting place to start.