Index Card Fonts on iOS Corkboard

Hi. Longtime Mac + iOS Scrivener user. While I know how to import fonts into Scrivener to be used in the editor window, I can’t seem to find a way to customize the fonts on the face of the index cards (Title & Body) on iOS Corkboard. While it’s purely a cosmetic functionality, the ability to do so on OSX is a huge help for me visually as I prefer a handwriting font on my index cards which helps me to read them easier than the default system font. So it’s pretty jarring jumping back and forth between Mac OSX where I do have the handwriting font and Scrivener on iOS where I don’t. Other apps on the iPad enable this functionality so I’m hoping there is a way to do so since custom fonts are available elsewhere in the app.

Any thoughts?

Synopses are stored in plain text, so there’s not going to be any formatting in them, and fonts applied to them are strictly for display, as I’m sure you know. That aside I certainly would like to be able to choose a display font for iOS synopses other than the system font, which drives me nuts. My own favourite is Courier Prime Code…