Index Card for iOS question

Hi, I hope this is the right section to post in. I am currently using the demo version of Scrivener and plan on purchasing a full license shortly. I am testing out the syncing features. I’ve played with SimpleNote and it works fine. Unfortunately, there is no demo or free version of Index Card for iOS so I thought I’d ask my questions here:

  1. Does the entire project get Synced with Index Card?
  2. Can I edit the RTF documents right in Index Card or does it need to be opened in GoodReader?
  3. Is it a manual sync?
  4. Is it a Cloud based Sync?

Any information is appreciated!


No, the entire project doesn’t get synced, but only documents you place in a collection for the purpose. Also, Index Card doesn’t support rich text, but the main text can be edited there as plain text.

We are working on our own iOS app that will allow full editing of projects.

Thanks for trying Scrivener!

All the best,


Thanks for the information. I did read up about the iOS version of Scrivener, sounds exciting!

I think the rich text is a limitation of iOS if I am not mistaken, thanks for pointing that out.

Do you know, or can you share if the iOS version will provide a sync feature of some sort?