Index card for iPAd

Like many people I want to be able to work on an iPad and sync with scrivener (while waiting for scrivener for iPad of course.

Index card looks great but can only find sync to scrivener for mac discussions. Is there any way of using it with scrivener for windows?

If not is there any other iPad to scrivener for win workflow that anyone can recommend?

I’m not alone in that iPad has virtually replaced PC in my writing Nd much else over past year or so. If scrivener doesn’t get its skates on soon and migrate to iPad it may have real problems.

I’m wondering this too. I have Textilus and Index Cards for iPad and use a Win7 PC for now until I get my Mac in February. I’d really like to sync Scriv and my iPad.

I just bought my iPad and a keyboard and I must say I like working on it better than my PC. So this needs to be a priority. Sometimes it irks me that code hasn’t been written to sync certain iPad apps with PC. But I guess dems da breaks. :frowning: