Index Card for iPhone

I thought you’d be interested to know that Index Card for iPhone will be available on the iTunes App Store Thursday May 24. It is a ground up development specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, bringing the best of the popular Index Card iPad app to the small screen. Users of the iPad app can import / export .indexcard projects with their iPhones. It will also continue to support project sync with Scrivener Mac OS X app.

Thanks for supporting an indie developer.

Price: $.99 limited time intro price, then $1.99 (sold separate from iPad app, which is $4.99)
Web site:

Great news. Any plans to sync iPad & iPhone projects? :smiley:

You can send projects from the iPad app to the iPhone app (and vice versa), using the .indexcard import / export function. Most people use Mail or Dropbox to share.

I am evaluating iCloud as a way to keep projects in sync between multiple devices owned by a single user. Maybe in a future release.

Thanks for your interest.

I just purchased my copy and am eager to use it. Index Card for i(Pod Touch in my case) looks like a terrific tool.

Neat! Exactly what I wanted when I learned of the iPad version. I always wanted to have a virtual stack of index cards to shuffle around. I’ve purchased a copy and can’t wait to get home to start up a sync with one of my Scrivener projects!

Looks quite nice already. However iTunes sync doesn’t really work at the moment.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to sync Scrivener (Mac) -> iTunes -> Index Card (iPhone).

The other way round is a bit buggy as well. Once you try to export an .indexcard via “send to iTunes” for the 2nd time, you will get a dialog asking to replace your file that doesn’t do anything at all when you hit “replace”. :unamused: :frowning:
I was able to reproduce this behavior both on an iPhone 3GS & iPad (3rd gen) with iOS 5.1.1.

I guess there aren’t any plans for import/export of OPML files?

Index Card (iPad or iPhone) has never opened files from iTunes. You need to use Mail or Dropbox to Open in…

If the file already exists in iTunes, it will require you to confirm you want to overwrite the existing file. This is pretty standard Apple practice. You won’t see the file in iTunes unless it can see your device, and you’re viewing the app in File Sharing.

I don’t really think Keith wants us doing tech support for apps here. If you have a bug to report, please use my support form. Thanks.

It doesn’t overwrite the file after I confirm the dialog. Doesn’t matter if my device is connected via WiFi or USB.

I wanted to let you know about a new feature that should greatly improve the Scrivener to Index Card for iPhone workflow. Copy from Dropbox will allow you to browse the project files in your IndexCard folder and select which ones you want to import, all without leaving the Index Card for iPhone app. You no longer need to switch to the Dropbox app, or even install Dropbox on your device, to get your Scrivener exports into Index Card.

Index Card for iPhone v1.1 is available now, and is a free update for existing users.