Index Card iOS sync

Sync isn’t working as expected. I can see the index cards in New Collection only. When I click on any of the card titles I get a text view and no content.

All I can get is the title and brief ‘A’ side notes from the card. Content on the back, or long text field, does not appear.

So if a card represents an outline of a paragraph or section, how do I get any of that actually into my Scrivener draft? Not sure how I’m meant to work with this.

All I want is to get the structure of my iOS Index Cards file into Scrivener’s research tab, and swipe off parts of the content of the card (a bit more than the title!) as needed.

Any suggestions out there…?

Did you enable full text output in Index Card itself, when saving the .indexcard file? There is a checkbox in Scrivener’s .indexcard sync window that you’ll want to check as well, but obviously that one needs data to be there in order to work with it.

‘Export Notes’ on in Index Card iOS and
‘Sync includes main text and notes’ ticked in Scrivener Sync with Index Card.

I have tried both notes (on the back of the card) and in desperation, replicating these as a Long Text field.


I can see Long Text Field content as Scrivenings.

Still confused as to why I can’t see "B’ side back-of-the-card notes if I am ‘exporting notes’ and ‘bringing in main text and notes’ according to the various options.

(Just to be clear: iOS Index Cards offers two views of a card, front and back. The front has title and brief notes. The back offers a longer field for content.)

Have you checked the .indexcard file itself to make sure that information is in it? You can open this in TextEdit to view its raw XML, it should prove readable despite being in code. The following screenshot shows an excerpt of the .indexcard file, with the relevant text fields highlighted for clarity. In the top split is the actual item that imports from this code, with all data views open so you can see where they go.

YES!!! Got it now. I needed to know what Scrivener takes from where, and where it ends up. So the ‘B’ side of the card goes to ‘Notes’. Mystery solved. Many thanks for your help on this one – some hours saved!

–Ian Greig

You’re welcome!


I am wondering, is there a way of separating the sync of ‘main text’ and ‘notes’ [long text in IndexCard]?

It is a defect of my sloppy working :unamused: , but I am finding that I often forget to update the sync between Mac [Scrivener] and iOS [Index Card] when working, adding main text added in Mac, that then gets overwritten when I sync the ‘long notes.’

… these must be different fields in coding terms…? or am i missing something about how i am syncing?


Yes, they are different fields. There is no way to separate them when syncing, but I’m not sure how that would solve the problem you are describing anyway, since that sounds like sync conflicts between the same fields, disabling the other field wouldn’t help you.

However do note that by default Scrivener will create a snapshot (you’ll know a document has one if it has a little fold in the upper-right corner of the icon) when it syncs. So at least in that direction, when importing your changes into Scrivener, you should be able to go into your Snapshots pane and view what the document looked like in Scrivener before it synced, and you can use that sidebar pane to merge your changes by copying and pasting or dragging text out of it and into the main editor.

More about Snapshots can be found in §15.6, Using Snapshots, in the user manual PDF starting on page 223. The pane itself is documented in §19.8, pg. 270. You may in particular find the comparison tool to be especially useful when figuring out which text the Index Card edits overwrote.

I’ve not used Index Card much of late. The other writing app (Rich Notes) from the same guy crashed on my iPhone a year ago and I lost a few paragraphs for my writing project. I’ve also had some issue syncing with iPad Index Card 3.4.1 the symptoms were much the same as reported above. However, as I’m posting this I am also downloading the iPard edition’s most recent update (3.5.1) which was released over night. Maybe it resolves my sync issues.