Index card line height

Simple question: Is it possible to change the line height of text in the index cards?
trying to change the font in preferences and playing around with the osx font window seems to crash scrivener,
partifularily when i click on the top left gear and select “Typography…” from the pulldown menu, which is where i
suspected the advanced settings to be…

The typography panel does not contain attributes we would consider to be “paragraph formatting”, like line-height, paragraph spacing, indents and the like. Instead they are for accessing font-specific features such as optional ligatures, old style numerals, alternate glyph sets and whatnot. The index card itself is a plain-text field, it has no such formatting.

I do get an exception when trying to access typographic settings for this particular type of widget. It looks like that will be fixed in the future by the way, it only reproduces in the stable branch.