Index Card (.NDXCRD) files import

Is it possible to import Index Card files directly into the Scrivener app or do I still need to do this via Scrivener desktop?

I suspect you need to use the desktop version to do the conversion. I can’t see any import option within the app, and I just went to an old Indexcard project in Dropbox and tried the “Open in…” menu option, but there was no mention of Scrivener.

I can see that this might be a nuisance if you want to work on an old project and don’t have immediate access to your Mac/PC, but now that we have Scrivener for iOS, all those “workaround apps” are kinda obsolete!

Indeed, you will need to do that in the macOS version.

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Thanks. A ‘SCRIV’ option does appear in Index Card when you select ‘Mail Project’ but I suppose this is for the desktop version.

Thanks, Keith. And the Windows version I hope?

You have this? I just checked on my iPhone and iPad, thinking there might be a workaround that would involve mailing the .scriv file to yourself and then saving it to Dropbox, but the only export options I can see are IndexCard, RTF and TXT (plus PDF for ‘Export to iTunes’).

Index Card 4 for iPad will export to .scriv; Index Card 3 for iPad and index card for iPhone will not.

Even with a so- called .scriv export tho, you’re going to need to do some processing. It is saved as a .zip archive, so you’ll need to unzip it. It’s also an old .scriv format, so your windows or Mac scrivener will need to update the project before iOS scrivener can digest it.

Thanks for the explanation! I think I just didn’t bother to upgrade Index Card to the newer version because I wasn’t using it much.