Index card Odd Behaviour

OK I really like Scrivener 3, but maybe its my fault or something I’m missing with the index cards. Everything was OK till I was doing the cards for Chapter 3. The chapter is in 3 sections and has 3 cards. On the first card the text is fine and editable as always. On the other two cards the text is fainter and if i click inside the card it disappears. When i click off the card its back. Its not editable and i cannot copy or paste it. What have I done??.

I think you need to read section 8 of the user manual.

Index cards are used to keep notes about a binder item, but their text does not appear in the binder item. The default text of an unedited index card is some of the text of the binder item, but that is just a visible placeholder to show you context before you add your own text. That is why the text disappears when you click in the card: Scrivener is now ready for you to add your own information for this card.

Thank you for super speedy response. Looking now.

If you want the card to actually appear blank instead of showing preview text, putting in some whitespace seems to work.

The corkboard is intended to show synopsis entries. That content can be entered and edited in the corkboard view or in the Inspector. Under certain conditions (not 100% clear to me because I don’t use the feature and haven’t researched it), the corkboard view for a document is populated (for display purposes only) with a portion of the document text.