Index Card or Simple Note?

I am trying to find a way to use Scrivener on the go, so to say. What app for the iPad/iPhone is the best for this? Index card or Simple Note?

I am working on a screenplay, anyone can recommend me which app would be the best for this?


Input and editing: advantage Index Card. Create, title, color, move cards with ease.
Universal access: advantage SimpleNote, for it runs on iOS and any web browser.

These two options are quite different, so which to choose will come down to what advantages appeal to you most. Briefly:

Simplenote:* Free to use.

  • Network based synchronisation. It is also a touch easier to do than Index Card, which requires a few extra steps on both the mobile device and computer. With Simplenote you needn’t do anything on the mobile save for having it hooked up to the network. In Scrivener you just need to call up the sync window and click a few buttons if no settings need to be changed.
  • Can more easily address large portions of the Binder (while Index Card can do this too, it is basically a way of syncing a Collection).
  • More focus on the text content of the synced items (it works a bit like Scrivener in that you click on notes in the sidebar and their text contents instantly come up in the editor, while Index Card requires a few taps to get to the content).

Index Card:* More focus on the individual bits of data that go into a Binder item. You will have access to the synopsis, title, document notes and of course the main text.

  • File based synchronisation (the underlying premise is upon turning a Collection into an .indexcard file which can be loaded in Index Card; Dropbox can be used to automate the transfer of this file). While this requires a little more work from you than Simplenote, it is also more reliable, being file based instead of network based. There is more room for error with a server/client model.
  • Item order can be manipulated on the go. It should be stressed that since this a Collection you are syncing, this doesn’t modify the binder order, however if all of the items from from a single container in the binder, you can use the normal methods for updating Binder order from Collection order in Scrivener, if you wish. There are at least options for doing so—with Simplenote there is no control over order at all.
  • A more pleasing creative interface to work within. This is of course a bit subjective, but if you like Scrivener’s corkboard way of working, you’ll prefer Index Card to Simplenote’s notepad approach.

I prefer IndexCard mainly because I can see a complete version of my work (all notes “compiled”).