Index Card Order

Is is possible to change the Index Card order from horizontal to vertical? That is, instead of the listing going across from right to left, make the default order go from top to bottom, keeping the option of have x number of columns? I sometimes use Writer’s Blocks because I can more easily envision my scenes as they move “down” the screen as opposed to “across” the screen. And you can move the blocks all around and simply hit a button to rearrange them in the new order making experimentation with time sequence a snap.

Also moving the index cards around on the cork board seems “clunky.” That is, if I move an index card from the bottom of the heap and move it to the top of the heap, it does not replace the top fellow but rather is added to the top fellow as a sub-index card below. Then, it seems impossible to move that sub card out of sub position and into the first slot where I really wanted it. The only way I’ve found to do this easily is to go to the binder and move items around there. Shouldn’t this be a simple drag and drop procedure? If you are going to tell me there are shortcuts for moving these index cards around, I think drag and drop is better and more organic, more intuitive.
Example: I am using each index card as a scene and I merely want to rearrange the order of scenes in the chapter, not merge a scene into another scene.

One thing that will help you out is disabling the option in the Corkboard tab that allows cards to be dropped onto other cards. It is a checkbox at the very top. That ability is there for those that are brainstorming in hierarchies—going from parts to chapters to scenes, say. You can descend and ascend corkboard levels entirely with the mouse and without the binder. Also in the option tab, check that double-clicking on the background selects the parent corkboard. Then you can double-click on icons to load a card (or a stack’s corkboard) and use the background to go back up a layer.

Implementing some way to drag an index card out of its parent and as a sibling to that parent, without an outliner (or binder) would be difficult. There isn’t a good logical place to drag the card other than over to the binder to get it back up a level. But hopefully this problem will be moot once you get that option disabled.

As for vertical arrangement there is nothing like that and at the moment, nothing planned for it either.