Index card questions

It’s frustrating to have the Tutorial say ‘you can do this’ and then not show us ‘how’ to do it. It says we can choose to have the pins on the index cards be in the top right corner instead of in the middle. That’s where it stops. It doesn’t say ‘how’ we make that change. Anybody know?

Also, I’ve noticed that on the index card we can start typing, but hitting Return doesn’t take us to the next line. The only way I’ve found to do that, say, if I want to make a list, putting one word on each line, is to keep hitting the spacebar until it wraps to the next line. Is there a better way?

Pin location is set in the preferences. Sorry I don’t know exactly where and can’t fire up scriv at the moment. I believe this is a per-project setting.

Use opt-return to create a newline character in index cards.

Let me know if this helps.

Pin location is actually a global setting, and that is in Preferences/Font & Colors. Check down toward the bottom there is a cluster of controls for handling the appearance of index cards. The preferences are a bit jammed up in the current version, so I don’t blame you for having a difficult time finding out how to do it. The next version currently in development will have a much more intuitive preference panel.

For now, you can find most appearance related settings in the Font & Color section, and project specific settings will be largely in the View menu, under a relevant sub-menu. For instance, the ability to tint index cards with the colour of the label you have applied to it is under View/Index Cards.

Hopefully that helps you find that sort of stuff better, in the future.

If you find yourself needing to type in paragraphs in your index cards on a frequent basis, you might consider using the index card located at the top of the Inspector pane (Cmd-Opt-I). You can use normal carriage returns there.

Feel free to make use the FAQ; it is intended to work as a supplement to the tutorial and manual. You won’t find everything there, but if something eludes you, that is a good first place to check.

Thanks for the good info that leads me to the controls, and the FAQ! too. I prolly should have looked in Preferences, huh…

May I take this opportunity to ask a better question? How do I change a Link in my document so it won’t be a hyperlink, as I’d like to change the size of some of the letters in it and I can’t touch it without it taking me to the site.