Index Card Scroll Bar problem

Hi Keith,
Have a little problem with the index card scroll bar. I can reproduce it.

Cursor was formerly used to select doc in binder.
Tried to scroll down in index card (in inspector), scroll bar disappears for a second (button still held down).
Keep holding down button (as though to scroll a little way down), whole scroll bar flashes for as long as I have the button held down, and then disappears altogether when I let go.
Clicking in the space where it should be then does nothing.

Seletced another document (no problems) and went back to first document. Scroll bar has reappeared.

Putting the cursor in the text (of the index card) and hitting the down arrow (on keyboard) to reach the line underneath the last one visible, and the scroll bar disappears as the last line (the only one not visible) comes into view.

Hit the up arrow (on keyboard) and the scroll bar reappears as the top line comes back into view.

If I close and reopen the index card, or close and reopen the inspector, the scroll bar does not reappear, I have to select a different document and reselect the first one to make that happen.

This does not happen with all the documents in this project. Just three identified so far. I cannot see anything different about these documents that sets them apart from any others.

I have the editor window open to full width (1024), and the inspector column at its minimum width. iBook G4 1.33, 768, Scriv 1.03, OS 10.4.9

Regards, Leigh

In the documents where this is a problem, how much of the text in the index card is not visible? That is, is the scroll bar there only because there is about one line of extra text? There is a general bug in Cocoa scroll views whereby if the view it contains only needs scrolling a tiny bit, the scroll view cannot make up its mind about whether or not it should display a scroll bar, and keeps hiding and then showing it… Could this be what is happening?


Yes, that’s it!

The affected documents have only one extra line of text; in those with two or more extra lines the problem does not occur.

Regards, Leigh


I can not scroll down completely in text documents too. Five and more lines are missing.


v. 1.11

That doesn’t sound right. Does it fix itself when you resize the window or viewable area?

Yes, it does. Thanks.

But maybe you can fix the actual bug?

I was asking in the hope that extra information from you would help me isolate it. I believe this may be an Apple text system bug in which case I won’t be able to fix it, but more information would be useful from you. E.g. Is the text scaled or at 100%? Exactly how would I reproduce it? Please see the post on how to post effective bug reports that is a sticky at the top of this forum. I cannot “just fix” bugs without seeing them for myself or without enough information.