Index Card: show Text

Normally, index cards show a synopsis. Can they also show (the first lines) of the text of the entry?

The card below appears empty because there is no synopsis but there would be a text to show. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


The index card should show a) the synopsis if anything is entered into that field in the Inspector, or b) a preview of the text in the document if the synopsis field is blank. If the synopsis appears blank and there is text in the document but no preview is populating on the index card, try clicking into the Synopsis field and making sure there aren’t any blank spaces typed there.

Either way, you should see a title for the document, so that line being blank is odd. Where if your Scrivener project saved? Sometimes we see these “ghost” cards when Scrivener isn’t able to properly reach and read some of its files due to cloud service settings, etc.


Thanks @JenT , that was exactly the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

If the card shows the synopsis, I can click into the card and edit the text.

If the card shows the text, I can only edit the text in the quick-reference window. Is it supposed to be like this?

Glad to hear it was an easy fix!

Yes, the auto-populated text is just a preview of the first contents of the document. When you click into the notecard, it will go blank and anything you type (even blank spaces) will override that preview.