Index Card sync with Scrivener

I just purchased Index Card for iPad. The sync from Scrivener to Index Card via Dropbox works fine. I can download my collection onto my iPad. The backwards sync, however, from iPad to my collection does not work. Scrivener does not pick up my iPad changes.

I have watched the video and am doing everything as described there. What am I missing? Do I have to save anything before sending? I’m baffled and frustrated.

The .indexcard file that you save from Index Card is a relatively easy to read format in a plain-text editor. Can you confirm that you changes are actually in this file, as accessed from the same Mac that you use Scrivener on?

Thanks, AmberV. I opened Dropbox on the Mac on which I use Scrivener. I clicked on the file from IndexCard that I wanted to sync with Scrivener. The window that appeared said, “The XML file … Cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.” “No error detail available”. … Location:2.

So I clicked “OK” and went to the zip file and opened it. I then clicked on the same file in the zip that matched the name of the file I was attempting to sync as per above. I got this message: “the project you are trying to load uses an older file format and cannot be opened. Would you like to update it? A copy of the old project will be saved in the same directory?” By clicking “Update project”. By clicking ‘update project’ a whole new Scrivener project is created.

Scrivener tells me I have the latest version (2.7) while I assume I am operating the latest IndexCard (version 4.0.3).

So Finder gave you this error, or the archive utility? Maybe the system is confused and trying to open it with something odd, I would try opening it directly in TextEdit, using its Open command, or by dragging the file onto TextEdit’s icon. You could also change the .indexcard file type to open in TextEdit (or your preferred editor, to be clear, any plain-text editor should do, the fancier the better) by using the “Get Info” palette in Finder.

I don’t really follow what you are describing beyond that point. There should be no zip file anywhere that pertains to this process. Perhaps you are using something other than the v3 .indexcard format? If you aren’t already, try following the Index Card instructions provided in the user manual, under §13.4.4, Updating the Collection in Scrivener, and see if that works better.

Thanks again for your time. After a great deal of time I figured out that when I save from IndexCard to Dropbox I have to click on the v3 Indexcard option instead of the SCRIV option. Everything else (including the zip files) goes away. I assume version 4 of IndexCard will eventually not have to require a backwards conversion in order to sync.


Yes, the .scriv export option saves a whole separate project, so it is more useful if you start on your iPad with a new idea and eventually want to take it into Scrivener and continue developing it there.