Index card sync

As you may be aware, Index Card for IOS has added a “stack” feature which enables the equivalent of one level of folders to an Index card project. I would like to have a mechanism that syncs one level of folder structure in Scrivener to the stack structure in Index Card.

There are no plans for this at the moment, sorry. Index Card sync in Scrivener is done against a collection, and collections do not support structure. Scrivener for iOS is our focus for the time being.

I would also like stack synching. But I realise this is unlikely to happen.
In which case, how about syncing label colours? That will allow at least some visual indicators to be used instead of structure. I supposed it would require us to set up the colours in the same order with the same names in Index Card itself if they are not part of the Index Card project file.

Our focus is on syncing with Scrivener for iOS, which is in progress. There would be no way to sync with label colours anyway, given that the possibilities for Scrivener’s label colours are limitless, whereas Index Card only uses a set few.

All the best,