Index Card text not committed

It’s wishy washy text. :wink:

Found a bug in 2.0 where when using corkboard without the binder showing (freeform or regular), if you create a card and type text in it and then open binder and switch to another document without “committing” the text by clicking somewhere else in the corkboard, the text gets lost. It actually may still show up when you first switch back to viewing that set of documents in the corkboard, but it vanishes as soon as you click in the corkboard. I’ve even managed to actually create a new card and have the synopsis magically jump to that card before vanishing, but that’s a bit extreme.

To reproduce:

  1. Open document A in the corkboard view, close the binder.
  2. Create a new card and type some text.
  3. Without clicking out of that card in the corkboard editor, open the binder and switch to another document via the binder.
  4. Go back to document A, view in corkboard. The card you created might be there, with text.
  5. Create a new card in the corkboard. The text from the earlier card in step 2 vanishes (or else it appears on the new card, and then vanishes when you type).

This only seems to happen going via the binder; using the Go To via the menu hasn’t recreated this for me.

OS X 10.6.4

Added to the list for investigation, thanks.

Thank you. Sorry to dump something else on your plate! Just wanted to add, I’m sure it’s the same binder issue, but this happens also if you switch from corkboard with no binder back to a different layout with the binder via the Layout Manager (that’s how I stumbled across it).