Index card text not showing in Editor

I’m an absolute newbie to using Scrivener, so the answer to my question is probably obvious, though I haven’t been able to figure it out:
When I create a new index card in a folder I created in the Binder, and type text in the card, then open that card in the Editor, there’s no text showing–the Editor screen is blank. If I create the card, immediately open it in the Editor, and type text, then go back to the Corkboard, the text I just typed in the Editor doesn’t show on its card, but it’s still in the Editor. The only way I’ve found to get the text on both card and Editor is to type it in one and copy/paste it into the other. I’m largely certain this is not the way L&L intends for this to work, so if anyone could give me a jump-start in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it.
Thanks so much.

The difference is The Index Cards show the Synopsis of a scene or section. The Editor shows the Content of a scene or section.

You could copy the content of a synopsis document per scene in the Synopsis field in the Synopsis tab of the Inspector on the right, and they will show up on the Index Cards in the Corkboard View.

You can write the content of the scene or Section in the Editor based on the information of the text in the Synopsis field.

They’re separate things.

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Menu functions to get it from one place to the other:

Documents / Auto-Fill / Append Synopsis To Main Text

Documents / Auto-Fill / Set Synopsis From Main Text

@ AntoniDol Thanks very much for clarifying the difference.

@ Vincent_Vincent Oh, thanks, the pics help. Needless to say, I’ll be running through the tutorials now to get a sense of this app. :slight_smile:

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