Index card; using space bar

I did a search but it didn’t yield any answers. I suppose it is a bug but why is it when you type on the index card and try to go to the next line, you can’t. At least I can’t, I don’t consider myself a dunce. The only way I’ve succeeded is typing a letter near the end of one line so that it goes/continues on the line below. If I just hit the space bar, nothing happens.

If anyone can shed any light on this issue, I’d appreciate it.

It sounds like you are typing in the Corkboard, where index cards are considered to be an object rather than text fields. The standard behaviour for these things is to use enter to confirm entry. So that is why you are seeing what you are seeing, it is not a bug.

To actually create a new line, just use Option-enter.

Alternatively, you can use the Inspector to type in the card. Since this is an actual text field, you can press enter by itself and it will insert new lines.

Thanks. Inspector works much better.

Agreed. When composing cards I always use the Inspector. Being able to edit them in the Corkboard is nice for quick fixes and additions.