I love this program. The one thing I would like (well I’d like lots of things) but I for those who write on smaller screens at time I would love if when I am in in index card view–

The best way i can describe is this…

Lets say that I have 6 cards across - but I want to edit in one care while all 6 are still visible, I’d like to be able to right click or some form of click that opens that CARD into a larger card without changing the number of cards in a row. So that the ACTIVE CARD is near full sized but the other cards remain small.

Interesting idea, but if all you need is the extra space to type in, the Inspector might be all you need. The size of the card there does not change no matter how many columns you have on the corkboard. If you need even more space, you could always draft in the Notes area below that card space, and then copy and paste it up when you are done. This might seem unwieldy, but with the Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-I and U keys, you can flip between these two spaces without reaching for the mouse, and then use the same modifier sequence with ‘E’ to jump back to the corkboard, using arrow keys to select cards and then U to jump back over to the Inspector version of the card.

I hear ya. But I’m sticking to my guns. I like this idea and would like to see what they could do with it.

Though it’s not quite what you want:

  • Go to the corkboard view that you want
  • Split the screen (click the “Toggle split” button at the top right of the editor).
  • Click the “automatically open selection in the other editor” (the button with the left and right arrows)
  • In the corkboard, select the document you want to edit. The selected index card will have a border, and the document will open in the editor below the split.

It’s not exactly the same as editing in place, but does that come close to what you want?