index cards/3 questions

Is it possible to expand the size of the index cards on the corkboard so they have more lines for more text?

Also is it possible to do a bullet list on the cards so they act as an outline. I can’t seem to do a “return” after an item which means I can’t do a bullet list on the card, only ongoing sentences.

Also tried to move the pin to the right in preferences but couldn’t find anything in preferences that involved the pin. Thanks for any help!

  1. Yes. View|Index Cards|Cards Across|(choose a small number than is currently checked)

  2. I don’t think you can do a true bulleted list, but you can insert a line break with option-enter and a bullet with option-8.

  3. You can’t move the pin, as far as I know, but you can get rid of it if you like. View|Index Cards|Show Pins.

Hope that helps,

mamster is right on number one. Also note that they can have many lines of text, no matter what the virtual size of the card. If there is more text than the card can display, a scrollbar will be provided when you double click. Using the Outliner mode is preferrable if you tend to keep a lot of data on your cards, as it will not truncate.

Regarding bullets, that is also the best way to do them. Besides, with OS X’s list function, there is barely any such thing as a real bullet list anyway. Many word processors do not correctly inport OS X generated lists. If you do not want to mess with pressing Option-Enter to make new lines—try using the Inspector to edit your note cards. You can press enter like normal when using that method.

Number three: Pins can be moved to the right. The preference you are looking for is in the “Fonts & Colors” section of Preferences. Near the bottom of this display is a number of settings regarding the appearance of index cards. “Position pins” is the one you want.

Thanks for schooling me on #3, Amber. I should have learned by now never to say “Scrivener can’t do X,” because it always means I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

Many thanks for your quick great suggestions! Now why can’t I print the index cards or the outliner? I just get a blank page, even if I highlight/sellect all. Is it not possible to print from those pages?

Check out the FAQ, for the answer to this question regarding printing. Section III.9 is more relevant. In addition to the suggestions there, you can also just do a screen capture (Cmd-Shift-4, then draw a rectangle around the corkboard to produce an image which will be saved to your desktop).

Command/shift/4 is brilliant! Thanks much!!!

Also try Command/control/shift/4 for copying the rectangle to the clipboard, and pasting it in any application.