index cards and images

in cork board mode is there anyway to display both the image and the synopsis on the index card. I can only manage to see the image with the title. Thank you ! I love Scrivener.

There isn’t a way to do that on the corkboard, and I don’t think it would work well having some cards taller than others—we tried something like that a long time ago for another reason (an option to show all synopsis text so short synopses would display as short cards and long synopses as tall cards) but the result is very messy with lots of gaps in the rows.

You might find the Cmd-7 shortcut handy however. With the Inspector open, that will toggle between text and image for the currently selected card, and that adjustment will impact the corkboard as well since it changes how you prefer that card to be displayed, where applicable.

thank you ! command 7 is very helpful.