Index cards and titles

Just a quick question: is it possible to force index cards to display the full title of a text file?

I have questions as the titles of a number of text files, and it would be very useful to be to be see them all in full. I realise that I could simply retype or copy-and-paste the questions into the synopsis field itself but that would be time consuming and not as tidy.



Hi Alan,

No, this isn’t possible - titles are one line only. You can of course just make the index cards bigger, but that probably won’t help much. In general the synopsis area is intended for this sort of thing, but if you really want long titles then the outliner might be a better bet.

All the best,

Thanks for the super quick reply Keith.

It’s not a biggie. The outliner would probably suffice, it’s just there’s something about the look and feel of the corkboard that makes it more inviting! :smiley:

So I’ve simply added the rest of the question on the first line of the synopsis for those that are too long to fit on the title line. Thanks again.