Index cards are all blank after a "Save As..."


I wanted to rename my project and used Save As… to save it with the new name to a different location. Everything was okay until I opened the newly named project - all 122 index cards were blank.

What’s the remedy for this? I tried copying and pasting the project.scrivx and renaming it outside of Scrivener (Had shut down Scrivener before doing so), but I still got empty index cards when I opened the newly named project. And there is no “Untitled” folder containing them below “Draft” as I’d seen in an answer to a similar issue.

Can I just copy the Files folder to the new project that has the synopses I want from the “project.scrivx” file to replace the new empty .scrivx one and see my index cards with their content, or will this corrupt the project?

Thanks for any insights.


If all you want to do is rename the existing project, you can do that most simply by right-clicking the project’s .scriv folder in the Windows file browser and choosing “Rename”. Leave the .scriv extension, so e.g. change it from “My Novel.scriv” to “My NYT Bestseller.scriv”. Then you can navigate into the folder and double-click the project.scrivx file to open it in Scrivener, which will add it back into the Recent Projects list for convenience.

“Save As” creates a new copy of the project, leaving the old one in place, so right now you have two copies on the computer, albeit the second one is for some reason incomplete. That obviously shouldn’t have happened, and I don’t know what caused it to incorrectly copy the project folder to the new location. The synopses on the index cards are all text files within the project, so it sounds like only some of the files copied. Where were you saving to, and where from? Had all the synopses that failed to copy been added during that session, since the last time the project was closed?

In any case, you should still have the original copy of the file at the original place, and all of it should be intact. You can just rename that and delete the partial “Save As” copy to avoid confusion.

Jennifer, just to add information:

I know my position is peculiar in that I’m running Windows Scrivener under CrossOver, and another variable is that when I did this, it turned out I was using Scrivener in a Win7 bottle — not recommended — rather than the version in a Winxp bottle — recommended by Garpu and others :slight_smile: .

I am again working on a translation project with Shirley, and since it is very long and we don’t have unlimited time, I need to use Mac-Scriv, where I am much more at home and have easy access to my Chinese dictionary. So I forked the project using Shift-Ctrl-S, and then opened it in Scrivener for Mac. The contents were all blank looked at in both Win-Scriv and Mac-Scriv. Clicking on the document icons opened blank documents in the editor.

Using the Mac Finder, I navigated to where it’s all stored in a Cubby and duplicated the project that way. When I opened it in Mac-Scriv, the binder icon for the part 2 document was blank whereas it was the normal “has content” icon for the part 1 document. I clicked on the part 2 document, and it immediately changed to “has content” and all the text came up in the editor.

I don’t know whether that will help you much, but it is another example of "Save As” in the Windows version coming up blank. Sadly, I did not think to examine the individual documents in the version created through “Save As”, as I needed to get on with editing.

Mr X