Index Cards Arranged by Tags - Feature Requests

You know what I’d love to see with Index Cards in the Arranged by Card view?

1) A way to see the index cards by Tags, not just by Labels.
Most scenes and chapters have more than one person in them, so I need to be able to track by character tags, reading along a line to see what’s happening to that character. Right now, I have to choose which character gets the label, and the other one can’t be tracked along the beautiful timeline you’ve created – and this is what I need most. If an index card is on more than one line, it can show up on both lines in parallel.

2) A way to hide empty lines.
If I have a lot of labels but am only looking at a section of the script where a few are used – which happens all the time – it’d be great to have a toggle so I can see what I’m working on rather than scads of lines.

Thanks for considering this for your next update!