Index cards—"autofill set synopsis" = too much text to print

used “autofill set synopsis from main text” to populate corkboard cards synopses globally. But when printing index cards, it’s too much text per card, so every document prints as 2 cards each. Is there a way to manipulate the default so that it will fit, and print 1 card per document?
(BTW, this is 100s of cards, so autofill saved a ton of time creating synopses. The alternative now is to manually trim them all by an unknown word count to fit)

The only way I know of is to set the print font smaller. Courier New 9 point worked for my small sample. Here’s where to find that setting in the Page Setup dialog:

I suggest you “print to pdf” first before printing to paper. I find it’s a lot faster and less expensive to proof my index cards that way. :wink:

Hope this helps!


Super helpful – that worked! Thank you —